Impact Of Technology On The Upbringing Of Children

The way children are raised today is very different from the way they were raised in the past. Earlier children were closer to nature in their games and entertainment activities. There was more of playing in the grass or soil and simpler toys and activities. The group playing of children was a good way of inculcating a team spirit in them, and it also encouraged physical activity which provided the necessary exercise for kids.

Nowadays, however, things have changed drastically. Nowadays kids are more dependent on gadgets and devices which are aggressively marketed by their manufacturers. It is often common to find kids glued to the television and video games rather than indulging in physical activities. In fact, with some of the kids, these activities become a form of addiction causing their health to drop and also cause a drop in academic performance. This is the reason that we need to go back to nature and ensure that our kids spend time in quality activities.

If you are a parent, then you should make sure that your kids spend more time close to nature such as in a park. Encourage them to take part in group activities in the outdoors or within your home. This will ensure an overall development of the mental and physical abilities of the child and ensure that they do not suffer from lifestyle diseases as adults. Also, make sure that your children don’t depend too much on processed and junk foods which are also the gift of technology. Inculcate healthy eating and exercising habits in your kids so that they grow up to be healthy adults.

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